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4th Biotechnology exposition

4th Biotechnology exposition

About Iran biotech:

Iran and Middle East leading Biotech event, 18-20 September 2017.

Iran Biotech, hosts more than 2000 visiting biotechnology professionals over three days. 300 exhibitors gather from more than 15 countries at the event to network and take advantage of more than 10 free industry seminars and workshops. Every sector of the Biotech market is represented in one section, this year in Imam Khomeini Great Mossalla. Attending Iran Biotech is the most cost effective way to establish new business relationships, meet with partners and stay updated on the latest industry trends in the region.

The exhibition showcases cover the whole spectrum of bio- products manufacturing and ingredients sourcing, offering equipment, products and services that cover the entire supply chain.

To give you a head start and ensure that you are able to book at the best time, we hereby invite you to register before August 15th, 2017.

All the costs for the international stands will be paid by Iran Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.

Festival programs:

Different programs will be held in this festival such as:

  • The opening of the festival including unveiling and show of the biotech portal and encyclopedia of biotechnology.
  • B2B meetings to start the mutual cooperation
  • Professional conferences
  • Training workshops



Biotechnology has been frequently referred to as the technology of the twenty-first century, along with information technology. Modern biotechnology has already made significant contributions to the health, agriculture, and environment sectors. Development of various drugs, pharmaceuticals and vaccines using recombinant DNA technology has been resulted in multibillion dollar industries. It is estimated that the global biotechnology market will reach $414.5 billion in 2017.

The modern biotechnology has been established nearly nine decades ago in Iran, started with vaccine production in Pasteur and Razi Institutes in 1920 and 1925, respectively. National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Iran was established in 1989, and now several other Institutes are actively working on different subjects of biotechnology.

Iran entered the modern biotechnology era two decades ago with a focus on supply-side policies such as the establishment of new research centers, the development of many related disciplines in universities, and the introduction of new supporting laws, which led to the growth of more than 350 biotech companies.

According to the UNCTAD report on modern biotechnology, Iran has many achievements from science to market, and has proven to have promising future. These considerable successes resulted from governmental supports and commitments, as well as researcher’s efforts in the last two decades. The achievements cover various fields including:

  • Recombinant biopharmaceuticals
  • Bio-implants;
  • Diagnostic kits;
  • Stem cell technologies;
  • Transgenic animals;
  • Bio-fertilizers;
  • Micro-propagated plant cultivars;
  • High-tech equipment and materials used in cellular & molecular biology;
  • Food biotech. (Probiotics);
  • Cell culture;
  • Environmental biotech;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • rDNA Technology;
  • Bio-fuel;
  • Monoclonal antibodies (MABs);
  • … .

Although some of the above mentioned products have entered into the global market, however, most of them are produced and manufactured based on national needs and priorities.

Iran’s efforts to transform from natural resource-based economy towards a knowledge-based economy are reflected in its science, technology and innovation policies. Iran has set targets for biotechnology development to 2025, including becoming the regional leader in biotechnology, tenth in the world, and  increasing its share of the global biotechnology market from 0.5%  to 3%. To achieve these goals, governmental supports will be increased  in expansion of knowledge-based companies, and  R&D in universities and research center.  Export of high quality products for global markets has been considered as a new perspective of biotech policy in Iran.The present book includes the profiles of some of the Iranian biotechnology companies in different fields (pharmacy, food, agriculture, raw materials and equipment, environment, and service providers).


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