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1st Biotechnology Exposition

1st Biotechnology Exposition

1st Biotechnology Exposition (Iran Biotech 2010)

This exposition was held on 24th – 26th of Farvardin, 1389 (13th – 15th of April, 2010) in the great Mosalla of Imam Khomeini, Tehran.

Exposition holding goals:

  • Introducing Iran technical and producing power in biotechnology
  • Introducing Iran biotechnology products and commercial brand
  • Encouraging researchers, innovators and industry owners in biotechnology area
  • Making the connection among scientific, industrial and commercial sections of Iran biotechnology to exchange their views and to commence their collaboration
  • Finding the appropriate domestic or foreign investors for biotechnology products
  • Tech transfer or know-how transfer between Iranian and foreign companies

    In first Expo, 160 pavilions were represented publicly by more than 15 countries and their companies and officials (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Yemen, Philippines, Pakistan and Nepal).

    61 international companies, 21 scientific centers and 7 technology and science Parks and growth centers have attended.